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The smarter way of managing your time

About rotavi

rotavi is a solution for you to reduce the time you spend on managing your schedule and appointments. It creates value for you by allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Fast payments, Integrated bookings

rotavi allows your customers to make bookings, any time, day or night from the web and their mobile phone.

Free to use

Sign up is quick, easy and free! Contact us for more information.

Join the community

Rotavi is in the progress of building a community for you, which Increase your online exposure. It will allow new customers to find you and rebook with ease!

Join the Market Place

Streamlined Customer Interaction

Accept and Customise Bookings

Customer Loyaltly

Easy Transactions and Payments

Join the Mobile Booking Revolution

Round-the-clock Bookings

Represent Your Brand

How it works

rotavi is a smartphone marketplace for bookings, designed to revolutionise and streamline the way small businesses interact with their clients. As clients book and change appointments, rotavi automatically updates your schedule, giving you more time to do what you do best.

Join The Mobile Booking Trend

rotavi allows you to book, pay, manage and confirm appointments with a business all in the same application — removing the need for clients to download individual apps for every service they use.

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Coming Soon

Coming soon to a mobile and web. To gain early access signup to our exclusive MVP trial by sending us a message below.

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