Save hours every week in just 30 minutes?

- Simple online bookings

-​ Plugs into your website

- Reduce "No show" appointments

​- ​Improve your customers experience

​​Simple Online Bookings

Plugs into your website

Reduce "No Show" Appointments ​

​Increase search engine rank

​Stop wasting ​time answering the phone to take bookings and ​get back more time to what you do best...

​A​ny steps in ​your process that doesn't add value to the customer is waste​, therefore the time spent answering the phone and organising bookings ​is waste as it doesn't add value to your customer. ​

​Technology is always in a state of change and ​with it so is our customer's expectations and preferences and keeping up with it can be hard.  Today's ​internet generation no longer want ​to talk to a person to make a booking, they want to engage with us online.

​A client making a booking with you is the first impression that they will get of your business, what is your customers first impression like?

By choosing rotavi you'll ​save with:


​Each phone call you don't have to take and each appointment you don't have to organise saves you time.


​Making your booking process easier and aligned with your customers preferences will improve their experience with you


​Access your appointments anywhere on any device, sync with your favorite calendar at any time.

"​On average ​we can spend up to 15 - 20 minutes organising bookings for advice clients ​."

"​By the time we are able to contact the customer, find a time that suits them, create and follow up with ​confirmation and reminders we have spent a lot of time not actually serving the customer.  This is why we have chosen rotavi."

- ​Daniel Brown (​Financial Entrepreneur) ​

What ​rotavi does for you:


Embed Bookings Directly in Your Website

"​Embedding the ​plugin ​into your website ​ improves your Google Search Rating."

​The longer a customer stays on your website the more your Google search ​rank will improve.  It also allows ​for a consistent experience, keeping the customer on the page with your branding rather than being transfered to an external site to take the booking.

​Automatic Reminders

​Reduce the number of no shows to an appointment with rotavi.  We send out an email to confirm booking and then again on the day to remind your client of their appointment.  ​

  • ​Reminders make it easier for your customers!  Remind them  of all the critical information, who, when and where the appointment is taking place + a link to change the appointment if needed

​Unlimited, ​Staff & ​Locations

​Non of this "Pay extra per staff member or location" subscriptions.  We don't penalise for the number of staff and locations you have!  

This means ​that you can add as many people to rotavi as you like, even staff members that don't take bookings themselves, like secretaries and managers.

​Sync Appointments with ​Google Calendar

​Get all the benefits of rotavi with your Google Calendar!  ​Appointments made in rotavi will be sent to your Google Calendar.  Make an appointment in your Google Calendar and you will no longer be able to be booked on rotavi for that time!


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From sign up to taking bookings takes less than 30 minutes, don't pay a thing until a customer makes a booking!

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