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April 22, 2018

Ever lost all your bookings?

All too often we hear about booking systems losing appointments or the power going out and you lose all you cant contact your customers?  Never have this happen again, rotavi now connects with Google Calendar.  All of your bookings sync to your calendar and all of your unavailabilities in your Google Calendar sync with rotavi so that people can’t double book your time.

April 22, 2018

Local hairdresser confused by “All this extra time?”

Where did all this extra time come from?” – Julie.

Confused about all this extra time?

Local hairdresser was befuddled after she discovered all this extra free time she had available.  “Guess I’ll actually have time to serve my customers” she said whilst standing next to a silent phone now that all her customers were booking online through rotavi.

I can really get in the zone now and do what I do best without all the interruption – it’s great“.

Customers simply jump onto my website, pick a service, a date and a time and they’re booked in, no more phone calls!


No more phone calls now they can book online


Setup is simple, went direct to https://rotavi.com/ and clicked register!  Next thing I know I’ve created my own bookings app with a URL.

Either plug rotavi into your website or use rotavi as your bookings website

I’m adding my shops location and the times that it is open

Quickly create a location and your opening hours

Then I’m adding all my services

What are the services that people can book?

To put rotavi into my website I clicked the “Generate iFrame” button and then emailed the results to my web guy.  Was as easy as copy and paste.

Click here to copy and paste rotavi directly into your website

Next up I add my profile picture to connect with my customers

Adding a profile picture helps your customers see who you are

I then pick where I work and which services I do

I pick all the services that I want my customers to book me for

The last thing that needs to be setup is the times that I want to work

Setting up my availabilities

Done, now my customers can book me how they want to book me and I can get back to doing what I do best!  Guess I can use some of that spare time to have a coffee break.


April 20, 2018

Bookings – Strewth, that was easy!

Strewth, taking bookings is now a cinch with rotavi!  Newcastle based startup rotavi has launched it’s bookings app to make it easier to engage with those money spending Millennials who don’t want to talk to people over phones because that is sooo 90’s, let them book online and then remind them to show up with our automated emails.

Take bookings, at a place, with staff members?  Then rotavi is for you! Pop on over to our page to find out more info and sign up today.

I must admit, that Avo toast does look pretty good…

Avo Toast

The delicious avo of rotavi bookings

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