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Integrating rotavi with your business

There are two main options when using rotavi with your business.

Using an iframe

Integrating rotavi into your website using an iframe creates a unique seamless transition between your existing content and the the booking platform. iframes are easy to insert, and allow you skip the effort of adding scripts and special code to your website. Simply copy the code to the appropriate location in the page html, and voila!

You can generate your iframe code in the Edit Business section of your account. For example, the following code is generated:

<iframe width=”500″ height=”500″ src=”https://”my address”.rotavi.com/?iframe=1″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Using a direct link

A direct link to rotavi will mean customers will open a new window to the rotavi booking page. This method eliminates the need for any formatting changes to your website, and can be achieved using a simple button. Customers should be navigated to the URL address created when you joined rotavi, for example “my address”.rotavi.com. If you’re not sure on your URL, navigate to the Edit Business page in your profile, and check the Business URL.

Your Business URL can be updated at any time, however it will require you to update your iframe code (if you’re using the iframe functionality).

Setting up your business

During your sign up, the bare-bones of your business is created on the platform. This includes your main location, what services you offer, and what hours your open.

Creating other locations

Navigate to Business Settings » Locations
Select ‘Add Location’

Enter the details of the new location, including

  • the address,
  • a unique location identifier (for example ‘Head Office’),
  • add a location photo/image,
  • select the location’s opening hours

Creating additional or removing services

Navigate to Business Settings » Services
Select ‘Click here to add a new service’

Enter the details for the new service

Changing the opening times for locations

Navigate to Business Settings » Locations
Select the location you wish to change
Click ‘Edit’

Modify the opening hours using the buttons to add/remove specific days, and change the hours using the drop down boxes on right

Creating and managing your team

Managing your team on rotavi is made to be simple. The business owner can invite new team members, add services to specific members, and change the locations each member is available from. A quick guide for each of these steps is provided below.

Adding new team members

Navigate to Business Settings » Team
Click ‘Add member’

Enter their email address, if they exist on the rotavi platform, they will be invited to your team. If they haven’t been on rotavi yet, an invitation email will be sent to their email address.

Adding services to a member

Navigate to Business Settings » Team
Scroll down to ‘Team Member Services’

Add or remove services using the buttons provided. Please note that services need to be created at the business level first before they can be added to a team member.

Adding a team member to a location

Navigate to Business Settings » Team
Scroll down to ‘Select Locations’

Select additional locations from the list. Once selected, the locations will be available in the Team Member’s profile. The Team Member is responsible for managing his/her hours from each location, which is available from ‘Your dashboard’.

Additional Support

If you need any support or would like one of staff to get in contact with you regarding your experience, please email [email protected] or book an appointment with one of the team at http://rotavi.rotavi.com